Denali National Park Jobs

Denali Outdoor Center is an adventure based outdoor recreation company located in Denali National Park, Alaska. The primary activities offered to commercial clientele are whitewater rafting (class II through IV) paddle raft and oar-boat, inflatable kayak tours (class II and III), whitewater kayak school and mountainbike rentals and tours. The months of operation are from mid-May through mid-September.

We are fortunate to operate adjacent to one of the most beautiful national parks in the world. As an employer, D.O.C. offers qualified applicants an opportunity to experience a positive work environment in the great land of Alaska. We invite all individuals who meet or exceed minimum job description requirements to submit a resume’ via U.S. mail to: P.O. Box 170 Denali Park, AK 99755 or e-mail:

Denali Outdoor Center, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. We offer a competitive pay scale, affordable housing and a flexible work schedule. Our employee retention rate is very high and there are typically only a few available positions; hence, new hire determinations are usually resolved by mid-March. We hire a minimum number of employees in order to make every effort to provide ample work for all. All positions require a strong work ethic and a willingness to work long hours during our peak season. The in-house training program for new employees involves a minimum of 40 hours on river time for guides. A final check-out trip is required for each section and all types of craft to be guided (paddle raft, oar raft, kayak and mountain bike) with the new guide assuming all “trip leader” responsibilities and accompanied by a senior guide.

Raft Guide

* Minimum requirements include:

• 3 seasons previous guiding experience on rivers rated class III or greater;
or 2 seasons previous guiding experience on the Nenana River.

• Current First-aid and CPR certification

• Swiftwater Rescue Training or other equivalent

• Both Oar and Paddle raft experience preferred

• Good people skills

The Nenana River is free-flowing, large volume, class II to IV and glacial fed.
Water temperatures range between 36 and 43 degrees. The rapids are not overly
technical but the volume creates powerful waves and hydraulics. As well, the
current is swift and continuous and glacial gray water is difficult to read.
Our rafts range from 18ft. oar rafts to 14 ft. paddle boats. Every guest is
outfitted in a full drysuit for thermal protection, including children as
young as 5 on the scenic class II section and senior citizens on the class
III to IV whitewater section. This is an intensive, hands-on endeavor and
requires personally dressing and undressing every guest to insure proper care
of the suit and inspection for closed zippers, damaged gaskets, comfort, etc.

A typical day of guiding will include 2 to 3 river trips with one or two 2
hour excursions(Canyon Run or Scenic Wilderness) and one 4 hour excursion
(Nenana Half-day). The 2 hour trip involves approx. 3 ½ to 4 hours actual
working time; whereas, the 4 hour excursion requires approx. 5 ½ to 6 hours
of time. Pay rates are based on a per trip basis with the 4 hour excursion
paid as 2 trips. Guides are required to arrive ½ hour prior to trip check-in
times and de-rigging general requires ½ hour after guests depart. The schedule
is based on a 3 on/ 4 off work week but extra days may be requested as
reservations demand.

Kayak Guide

* Minimum requirements include:

• 3 full seasons kayak experience class III and above

• Class IV paddling competency

• ACA instructor certification or previous WW kayak guiding exp.

• Current First-aid & CPR certification

• SRT or WWRT certification

• All equipment, incl. Rescue Vest with tow-tether

• Good people skills

This trip is highly demanding for both guide and participant. Excellent communication
skills, patience and good judgment are fundamental to successfully guiding first-time
kayakers through class II to class III rapids. Our 1 guide to 4 kayaks ratio keeps the
intensity to a minimum but even this can create a very busy rescue scenario. Swimmer
ratio is approximately 25% of participants.

Essentially, this trip amounts to an introductory kayak class. The on-shore safety
and orientation begins in the shuttle vehicle and consists of a thorough explanation
of all potential hazards and attempts to demonstrate all required paddling, maneuvering
and rescue techniques. We reserve the right to deny anyone from participating based on
professional judgment.

In order to guide this trip you must be comfortable paddling class III backwards. We
offer two trips per day at 8:00am and 1:30pm and each trip requires approximately
4 to 5 hours depending on water level and paddler abilities. Again, we pay by the trip.

Shuttle Driver

* Minimum requirements include:

• Current Alaska commercial drivers license (CDL)

• Age 23, trustworthy with good people skills

• 3 years commercial driving exp.

• Ability to drive and back-up 40 pass. Bus with 18ft. trailer

• Current first-aid and CPR preferred

The shuttle driver is integral to every trip. They are both the first and last
impressions for many of our guests. As well, they carry great responsibility
with both passengers and equipment dependent on safe travel. In many cases,
the driver will be working hardest when guides and office staff have completed
their tasks.

A typical day will consist of driving 2 or 3 trips which include lodging
pick-ups/ drop-offs, river shuttles, equipment retrievals, RR drop-offs and other
special considerations. During peak season driver hours can easily exceed 10 hours
per day. Safety, of course, is our primary concern and drivers must be honest
regarding their tiredness and are expected to be aware of vehicle maintenance
issues. All safety concerns must be reported to management immediately.

Our equipment consists of 2 full-size (40 pass.) school buses, 3 vans, 3 flat-bed
trailers and 2 utility trailers (1 bike and 1 kayak). All vehicles are automatic
transmission and maintained regularly. Drivers are required to arrive at least ½
hour prior to trip check-in time and will be paid on an hourly basis.

Office Staff/Reservationists

* Minimum requirements include:

• 18 years of age, well organized and highly motivated

• Good familiarity with Denali Park and Alaska

• Friendly, positive and professional attitude

• Ability to multi-task and manage groups

• Comfortable with cash register and chaos, simultaneously

• Confident and well spoken; people skills a must

• Computer skills preferred

We call it, “Everything all at once.” Office responsibilities vary from answering phone
inquiries, greeting guests at check-in, selling trips and various items before, during and
after trips, helping dress and undress guests on deck, explaining logistics to guides and
drivers, maintaining a clear, legible and accurate reservation book, confirming all guests
have signed the liability waiver and keeping the office clean and organized. Of course, these
are the main duties involved but additional tasks present themselves frequently.

The office staff at D.O.C. are in a high visibility position and must represent the company
with a positive first impression. Often times, reservations are made based on the overall
helpfulness and attitude of our office. Visitors will ask questions regarding not only our
activities but other general information about visiting Denali National Park and traveling
in Alaska. A well-rounded knowledge of Denali and Alaska is critical in helping to co-ordinate
our activities into a potential guests itinerary. Denali Outdoor Center is recognized for a
long history of exemplary customer service.


* Minimum requirements include:

• 18 years of age, well organized and self-motivated

• Natural mechanical ability, willing to learn

• Familiarity with basic vehicle and bike maintenance

• Good people skills

• Willing to work a flexible schedule

Denali Outdoor Center maintains an incredible amount of equipment. Daily maintenance includes mountainbike service and drysuit repair. Other tasks include vehicle maintenance and light repair, raft and kayak repair, building maintenance and grounds keeping. Inventories, maintenance records, shuttle assistance, guest dressing and undressing are additional responsibilities.