Terms & Conditions

professional outfitting service

Denali Outdoor Center, Inc. (hereinafter: D.O.C., Inc.) is a professional outfitting service located in Healy, Alaska offering whitewater rafting, kayaking and mountain biking excursions, rentals and instruction on the Nenana River, its tributaries and the surrounding areas of Denali National Park. We do not offer excursions within the boundaries of Denali National Park. We also offer economy cabin rentals and a private campground on the shoreline of Otto Lake in Healy, Alaska just 10 miles north of the Denali Park entrance.

Adventure activities include inherent risk which are natural elements and beyond the control of D.O.C., Inc. employees and staff, including but not limited to: exposure to extreme cold, extreme heat, cold water immersion, difficult terrain features, severe weather including wind, rain, lightening and changing water levels to include high-water which intensifies whitewater rapids and increases the dangers and risks of participation. All participants will be required to sign the D.O.C., Inc. “Acknowledgement of Risk and Release of Liability Waiver” prior to participation in all D.O.C., Inc. activities.

D.O.C., Inc. hires professional guides and staff with minimum of required standards of Wilderness First Aid, CPR & Swiftwater Rescue Training. In addition, new guide staff are required to successfully complete a minimum of 40 hours in-house training on the Nenana River and pass “Trip Leader Check-out” runs on each of the runs they will be expected to guide.

D.O.C., Inc. provides the best available equipment for our customers with “Custom Drysuits,” Type V Personal Floatation Devices (PFD’s), helmets (optional for oar rafts) and river boots for all river running participants and professional grade rafts, kayaks and mountain bikes.